Meet the Team

Josiah Bender – Writer

Josiah is a recent Baylor University graduate currently based in Waco, TX. He has had a passion for writing his entire life and is excited to be working with such a great team on a new project! While attending Baylor, he participated in Baylor Theatre’s 24 Hour Play Fest for three years and wrote three short plays: The Little Things, Disorderly, and Fireball, the former of which was also featured in New York as part of a showcase by Riehl Productions NYC. Most recently, his new full-length play Hyphen-American received a staged reading in Waco, produced by Writer’s Room. Josiah is also the co-host of Crossword and Chill, a podcast in which the hosts allow the Monday crossword to guide their conversations.

Andrew Davis – Sound Engineer

Andrew is a recent graduate of Baylor University, where he graduated with a BFA in Theatre Design and Technology with an Emphasis in Sound Design.  He currently lives in Dallas, TX, where he is a freelance sound designer.  In his free time he enjoys reading, rock climbing, and training in Mixed Martial Arts.  A fun fact about Andrew is that he is so terrified of insects that he once woke his roommate up at 5 AM to remove a bug from the living room.

Darby Hepner – Cover Art

Darby grew up in a small village among Illinois’ farmland near the Mississippi River. She has loved to draw ever since she was little and continues fuel her passion in Columbus, Ohio where she currently works as a graphic artist at an apparel company and as a freelance Illustrator. Darby loves calling both Illinois and Ohio home because she gets to see 400 miles worth of the Midwest when she travels between the two.

Ben Hermann – Actor (Liam)

Ben is an actor who lives in Los Angeles, CA.  He graduated from Baylor University in 2016 and has been working professionally ever since.  He spent a year as an actor and director with the Missoula Children’s Theatre on one of their national tours.  After he finished, he moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film.  He is very excited to be playing Liam in The Schroeding Box and can’t wait to see where the project goes!

Haunted Like Human – Theme

“Composed of stripped down arrangements and smart storytelling, Haunted Like Human’s songs are a multilayered listen that commands your attention and soothes you at the same time.” – Shutter 16

Haunted Like Human is bringing a new roots voice to Nashville: two parts folk, one part Americana, and a dash of indie vibes. Classically trained guitarist Cody Clark has played everything from post-hardcore to jazz. Vocalist Dale Chapman grew up writing prose and poetry, and she brings her strong imagery and storytelling into her music. A combination of Northwestern grit and Southern charm, the two strive to create a unique and intimate listening experience.

Though based in Nashville, they have spent plenty of time on the road touring both regionally and nationally. Their debut album, Ghost Stories, was released in September of 2017, and their latest EP, Folklore, was released in October of 2018.

They continue to tour the country and have plans to return to the studio this summer. For more information, you can go to their website.